Africa, stand up for Africa

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  1. I’v liked it.This is an area which every one in Africa and especially east Africa should appreciate

  2. Our project, the Barongo Evergreen Farm Investments (BEFi) is a social enterprise conservation farming, agriculture and markets start-up remedial solution to POVERTY and HUNGER project with humanitarian purposely made practical disability friendly participation facilitating opportunities for the traditionally long neglected and excluded from various social opportunities, the rural African people with disabilities to engage, contribute and participate by one of them.
    I, a Tanzanian physically disabled (paralyzed legs and walks with a crutch) former college management graduate, who have worked with public and private entities for more than fifteen years, thereafter, exhausted by the disability unfriendly environments both psychological and physical structural at formal employee/employer working structure, together with my spouse, we established a small-scale self-help farm by investing in land purchase and started simple food/commercial farming and agriculture by planting/growing the now yielding fruit trees and miscellaneous crops, started on-going construction work of the farm house/poultry structures, to proceed with raising of food/commercial chickens (now keeping few for trials) for the local market and beyond.
    We couldn’t help not to think of the traditionally long neglected and excluded from various social opportunities, the desperately poor rural African people with disabilities, male, female and older people who can’t engage, contribute and participate productively on their own without humanitarian purposely made facilitating supports, more as we applaud global development initiatives that aim to leave none behind in POVERTY and HUNGER.
    We converted and formalized our initial self-help farm into the above mentioned social enterprise impact start-up remedial solution project for the rural people with disability colleagues, together with non-disabled people to participate in our project production activities alongside sustainable financial earning returns.
    Though lacking access means to productive inputs and financing, we are increasingly adapting to simple sustainable, improved, low tech, affordable conservation farming, agriculture and markets, starting with the few of where the project is based, aiming to extend further and reach all Tanzania regions and beyond through collaboration or cooperation partnership approaches with other disability empowerment interested stakeholder parties and entities as we stabilize, grow and expand.
    Please do you have social humanitarian facilitating programs through which we can learn, share, collaborate or access other advantages and funding for our social enterprise remedial farming and agriculture solution project? Please assist us.

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