Mohamed Abayazid Houmed

MOHAMED ABAYAZID is the founding partner of the company Civil Professional – firm Lawyers & Associates ABAYAZID and ABDOURAHMAN (SCP CAA LAW FIRM). He was previously a teacher looking at the Faculty of Law of the University of Djibouti. This academic experience makes him an exceptional practitioner.

He specializes in various fields, in particular in business law, economic law, maritime law, transport law, law of the sea energy law, new technologies law, environmental law, tax law, Banking Law, Intellectual Property Law, Public Investment Law, Public Contracts Law – Public Private Partnership (PPP) etc.

It assists public companies and foreign investors in the design, negotiation and realization of investment projects in the field of infrastructure. Many of its missions are done through online consultations for foreign investors.

He is registered with the Bar of Djibouti. He is Vice President of the Africa Business Legal Expertise Pan-African Network (ABLE-CLUB 54) and a member of the International Bar Association.